RiseUp to Godly Friends!

After following a dear friend’s blog for a while, the Lord convicted my heart to begin blogging as well. I am rather new to the world of blogs, so please bear with me . . . .

I have a very close-knit group of friends that I spend a large amount of my time with. We are referred to as the “singles” (generally, unmarried . . . so far).  I hope that even if our status’ change, our group will not! We enjoy fellowship on Sundays after some great preaching, and I must say they are the best friends I have ever had!

Last Sunday, the Lord placed it upon our hearts to stay at the church and pray together. It had been some time since we had done that, and many of us are dealing with some difficult, or at least trying, times. Eight out of ten of our “posse” stayed, and the Holy Ghost truly moved in. The heart-break of one friend who  prayed for his younger brother in need of God’s hand was felt amongst us all. As another prayed humbly over her health condition, the Spirit stayed close by. We prayed for over an hour, and I did not want it to end. When we finished, there was a contemplative silence that filled the room and our hearts. A silence and calm only existent because of the Lord’s Spirit dwelling inside of us.

My instincts tell me that things are going to be changing really soon: I will be heading off to the WalkRight Bible Institute in January, one could be going off to the mission field (still unsure on that), two are heading to the altar for wedding vows, . . . I know that with God’s blessings we will always remain close though! Through prayer, and not just prayer, PRAYER, we will stay best friends for life!

If God had blessed me with one great, godly friend, it would be more than I deserve! He has blessed me with MANY!!! To have friends that truly desire God’s Will and direction, to serve Him in every way they can, amounts to one of the greatest blessings God could ever give after salvation! I praise Him for His goodness!!!

I look forward to sharing with you; I pray you will stay close!


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One response to “RiseUp to Godly Friends!

  1. heather joy

    Amen. Thank you for posting this – it was good to relive that night again in my heart.

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