I locked the door

I opened up the door today,

There stood a man with a glowing smile.

He offered to take my troubles away,

All I had to do was follow.


His posture showed his confidence;

His eyes stared hard and loud.

His mouth had a little twist about;

His head held high and proud.


His offer seemed great at first glance,

He offered me riches galore,

But something did not feel quite right,

So I prepared to shut the door.


He tried to push his foot inside;

I blocked him right away.

I told him I don’t let strangers in;

He smiled and snickered okay.


I felt his eyes gape behind me,

As if he were exploring my life.

Chills suddenly went down my spine,

I felt him cutting at me with his stare like a  knife.


The charm of this man vanished from sight,

I stared dead on with the urge to fight.

I knew ignoring him passively would make things worse,

I knew what needed to be done in order to disperse.


I yelled at him to get out of my life,

I already followed a man who was great and strong.

One that could take him out without batting an eye,

One that provided joy in my heart with a glorious song!


He hesitated to believe me,

He threw past incidents in my face.


He reminded me of the nights of partying,

He spoke of my wicked behavior and talks.

He brought up taking my temper too far,

He reminded me of nightly bar trips and drunken walks.


I knew what he was trying to do with his jeer,

I could not allow him to accomplish what he would do.

I yelled at him again without any fear,

“Be gone before He comes to get you!”


Finally I knew, there was only one choice,

I needed to be done with him forever.

I slammed the door as hard as I could,

I locked it tight, never to speak to him again  – NEVER!


Please keep in mind, I am not a poet. : )


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