He’s Still Waiting By the Well

A few of the girls and I are singing one of my favorite songs for the church in a couple of weeks, “He’s Still Waiting By the Well.” The words to this song are so encouraging, reminding us that Jesus wants us to accept His gift of salvation. There are a couple little tricky parts to the song, but I know God will help us to get through that. Today, I was reading the account the song is based on and found so many wonderful things!

In the Gospel of John, the story of Jesus resting at the well is a familiar one to many. As a Jew, it was out of the norm for him to talk to a Samaritan woman. I think about myself and how “out of the norm” it was for him to talk to me. Gentiles were considered heathen in Old Testament days, and for the most part, they did not receive the chance for salvation (there were exceptions, of course). I praise God that Jesus likes to do things “out of the norm” and to do things His way not ours!

I think about the picture of salvation in this story. The woman stumbles upon Jesus as she seeks water to quench her thirst. She takes water from the well, but she must return each day to get more because it doesn’t last very long. It lacks nourishment and fulfillment. Sound familiar? This world leaves us empty and thirsty, desiring something better.

The woman meets Jesus, and she is very curious about Him. He is different (unique). His compassion proves astounding; His wisdom presents itself as mind boggling. His attitude about things, which is entirely dissimilar from everyone else, causes her to wonder. You probably can guess where I am going with this. As Christians, that is how we are supposed to be! Lost people should be curious about someone walking with God. Born-again Christians’ compassion should affect the world’s curiosity. The attitude of God’s children should be completely different from this world. We are to be Christ-like, not world-like. Anywhoo, because of His uniqueness, she was drawn to Him (as when a person is headed toward salvation).

Jesus tells her about the living water that he can give her that will sustain her forever. This water is like no other, which springs up in the soul. It refreshes and creates growth in one’s life.  Jesus answered and said unto her, Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again:  But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life. (John 4:13-14)

She doesn’t understand at first, but she knows she wants to find out more. Often, people may not be saved the first time they are witnessed to. They may not be saved the first time they go to church. The seed needs to be planted, and it gets watered and grows. She was curious, and Jesus watered the seed he planted.

Repentance shines loud and clear in this story. He tells her to go tell her husband, but she says she has no husband. It comes out that she had been married five times, and she stayed with someone she wasn’t married to. He revealed her sin, and she confessed it. He was pleased that she repented. When we are lost, we don’t understand sin on our own. When He gets our attention, he reveals our sin. We then confess it and get saved.

Through their conversation, the woman was saved and knew Christ as personal Saviour. She trusted that he presented the truth, and she was freed from the bondage of sin. Her experience with Jesus presents what every single person can experience himself or herself. It takes belief, repentance, and faith. It takes trusting that Jesus is Lord and can save us from hell.

I praise God that he met me at the well and saved my soul. It took me a while before I understood what he was telling me, but once I understood it, I received a blessing greater than I can explain!


Have you met Jesus at the well yet? Have you allowed Him to give you the living water of eternal life?



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  1. heather joy

    Great Post, Rachel!

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