What are dreams made of?

I have met people who believed that all dreams have a purpose. I have met people who believed that all dreams mean nothing. I have met people who believe some have meaning and some do not. I have met people who do not know or care whether a dream appeared for a reason. Me? I think I am one of the in between that believes some dreams are sent from God while others are induced by other means.

Childhood dream

I remember a recurring dream I had as a kid. This dream started with a rainy, dark day, and I was walking home from school. I reached a house, feeling rather depressed. I opened the door and walked through, and suddenly, I was in a different dimension. It was a huge circus, amusement park type place. A single door sat in thin air (like in a cartoon). If I walked back through it, I was back in the dark, rainy day. If I passed through again, I was back in circus world. As a child, that dream gave me a lot of comfort.

Confused with reality

I remember once asking my mom about when we picked up a hitchhiker from the road in a blue truck. He was such a nice man. We never had a blue truck, and we never picked up a hitchhiker. It was a dream I had confused with reality.

Dreams from God 

Here are a few dreams I believe are from the Lord.

Every time we sing for the church, God places a vision in my mind of us singing it. He gives me the parts of who sings what, and He shows me things in detail. It may sound crazy, but it is true. The one that stands out the most is when I was listening to Lois and India’s “Get Ready!” and I had a CLEAR picture of my friend and me singing it. It almost felt like it was really happening right then. I pray He continues to give me that clarity in things.

Another dream that the Lord gave me was that my best friend and I were both called to serve full time at the same time. I was still trying to make sure my call was of God, not me. I wanted it to be true so bad! It was not even a week after the dream, merely a few days, when my friend stood up and said he was called to preach. I about fell out of the pew. I could not believe it. A day or two later, I knew I could not doubt God’s call on my life. I felt Him saying, “Stop doubting! Yes! I want you to serve!” It was so real to me it was unbelievable!

A third dream I am yet to find out. I have had it repeatedly, though. It is basically the same every time. It is my wedding. The ceremony begins with pastor reading from the gospel. Then my sister-in-law sings a beautiful song about God bringing two souls together while the bridal party enters. In reality, I never heard the song, but it was beautiful. If only I could pen it down in my sleep! The ceremony was awesome. I won’t tell anymore because I want it to be extra special for people if it comes true. I will say there was an altar call at our wedding, and people were saved! If only that dream could come true! I pray it does!

Odd but overpowering dream

It was not long ago when I experienced a dream that I do not know what to make of it. I was hung on the cross. It was very bizarre. I don’t know what I did, but they sentenced me there. The thing was they were going to drug me up first. As they hung me, I woke up. I do not know what to think about that.

Bizarre dream induced by??

When I first started the bus ministry, I worked on our Ypsilanti route. I had a dream that the bus captain, another worker, and I took his five passenger car to pick up the kids because the bus was broke. We went to a house that nobody was there but a screaming baby. I started to change the baby when the other worker said I needed to hurry up or the bus captain was leaving me behind. I started rushing and crying. I can’t remember if he left me or not.

One more . . . creepy but almost cool at the same time

This dream also revolved around the bus ministry (I have had MANY). It was again on the old Ypsi route. We were in an area that was not particularly safe called Riley Court. The bus captain had gotten off to knock on a door. There was a bizarre man walking toward us. I got off the bus to help knock on doors but saw the man. I approached him to ask him if he was okay. He was freaky looking – possessed by a devil. The bus captain saw me and started walking over, concerned as the man and I locked eyes and stood very still. Suddenly I yelled out, “I rebuke you in the name of the Lord!” Everyone on the bus, and everyone else around, stared. The bus captain stopped in his tracks. I yelled again, “Leave this man in the name of Jesus Christ.” The man began to cry. He asked what had happened; things seemed fuzzy to him. He got saved, jumped on the bus, and went to church.


Okay, enough about my bizarre dreams. Feel free to share any of yours!


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