Ruth is a Great Biblical testimony, but Naomi is Wise

Then said she, Sit still, my daughter, until thou know how the matter will fall: for the man will not be in rest, until he have finished the thing this day. – Ruth 3:18

A couple of problems exist with reading the book of Ruth: my thoughts will never compare to Brian McBride’s (who preaches the most amazing messages from Ruth), and it gets me wishing I could find my Boaz! Ladies, wouldn’t it be wonderful to find prince charming and all we had to do was lie at his feet? Some men today would be so oblivious if we did that . . .

It wasn’t that long ago that I heard Brother McBride preach a message about the old shoe. This message concerned the old tradition of a man handing over his shoe to show that his promise was true in a transaction. It was an amazing message about how the Bible gives us guaranteed promises; it shows us we are loved though unlovable. He touched on how we are bought with a price – the blood of Christ! It was so wonderful! It inspired me to reread Ruth.

Yesterday, Ruth 3:18 jumped off the page and into my heart. Naomi was truly a wise lady. This piece of advice still applies thousands of years later! I really just want to dwell on her words for a second in my own convictions.

“Sit still my daughter . . . “ I hear this from the Lord ALL the time. I get restless. Lately, I have been restless for a change in my life. I want to get out on the mission field so bad! I can’t do that until I get some other things settled, including a little more study of God’s Word. I have been guilty so many times of getting ahead of God. He has to grab my arm a lot and warn me not to get away from him.

It reminds me of my two-year-old niece; you have to keep a close eye or she will wander. I am no better spiritually. I tend to see something shiny or appealing and my curiosity gets the best of me. Before I know it, I am away from my dad and wandering in places I shouldn’t be alone. All of this is due to the failure to sit still.

“…until thou know how the matter will fall…” As it is hard to sit still, we have to in order to see what will happen next. If I don’t take that pause, I may miss something. I know it has happened before. In my eyes, it has been so long since God called me to the mission field (November 2009); however, in God’s time it hasn’t been that long. If I don’t stop fidgeting, I may settle and wind up where I am not supposed to. If I sit still, I will be blessed and see where things fall. I know I will wind up where I would never expect to!

This is true for anyone in a trial as well. We get panicked and want out quick. If we sit still and wait to see what God has in store yet, the outcome will be so much greater than if we rush on our own.

I also think about relationships with people. You may think you feel one way, and you may try to push a relationship to land where it doesn’t belong. This will cause more heartache than anything else. Think about Ruth. What if she had haphazardly told Boaz to forget the kinsman closer than he? She may have lost Boaz or caused a lot of strife amongst the people! She waited and God let things fall exactly where it belonged!

“…for the man will not be in rest, until he have finished the thing this day…” This is an amazing promise! God will not rest until His work is done, finished, completed! What greater promise exists than that? We may grow weary in this chaotic, wicked world, but He never tires. He created a perfect plan and will see it played out! I can’t get past how awesome that it! My Father is very serious about keeping His promises and making sure His plan does not get interrupted! Praise the Lord for that AWESOME Truth!!

So, I ponder my life. I think about how if I would just sit still, allow things to fall where God wants them, and trust in the Lord’s promise that He will not rest until everything in His perfect Will is completed, my life will be blessed beyond this world’s capability to measure!

How about you? Are you sitting still or are you fidgeting? Do you trust that God’s plan will be completed one day?


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