Weekly Blog Ramblings – Lions’ Den

As I was driving to work today, I listened to a sermon on CD by my pastor. It had to do with faith. He talked about Daniel’s faith in the lions’ den, and how he truly believed that whatever happened would be God’s Will. I could go into the super spiritual side of this, or I could confess past ponderings about the story of the lions den.

Have you ever stopped to wonder what it was like being in the den? Did the lions sit there and stare at Daniel thinking, “Man, I am hungry! Why won’t my mouth open?” Did they lie down next to him like a house cat and purr away, looking to be pet? Did they sit and pout because God wouldn’t let them eat?

I know, those are probably weird thoughts. But hey, we all have strange questions even if we won’t admit them.

The Bible says that the angel was sent. Did Daniel physically see the angel? Did he speak with the angel? Did they share a laugh?

I also think further back in the Bible about Adam and Eve. Did Adam and Eve actually see God? I know by the time Moses came about it said that one would die if they saw God’s face. However, at one time, Adam and Eve were holy and perfect (before the fruit incident). Were they able to see God’s face?

Have you ever been like me and imagined the scene when God approached them after their sin? I always pictured Him like a giant. I pictured these huge, gigantic, sandaled feet walking through the garden and these little people (Adam and Eve) who were about the size of His toe running into the trees. Okay, label me crazy if you like. I know deep down you’ve pondered things too.

I think it is human nature to want to envision things. It is really hard sometimes to accept that some things are beyond our imagination. That is when faith comes in, right? Hmmm, just like Daniel had……


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