Witnessing for Christ – Having a Joyful Heart

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. – Mark 16:15

Sometimes, it can be hard because various people have different ideas of what the right way to witness is. I don’t mean that to criticize, they are all great methods, but I am realizing that it depends on who you are speaking with on what will work best. I guess it is good to have different methods for different occasions.

One thing that I have noticed is that if you have a true joy about you, it confuses people. Seriously. There have been moments when I am just beaming, and people think I am crazy. Why? These days, there are a lot of miserable people. How come? Because they don’t know the joy and peace of the Lord. Heck, when I met the guy who would bring me to church, whose mom led me to the Lord, I thought he was kind of kooky with all his good spiritness and smiles.

You know what though? It draws people’s attention. They often want to know why you are so insanely joyful. I have been questioned about it before.

I am not saying I am happy 24/7, but even when we are struggling there is still a sense of joy that comes with having a Father who loves and cares for us all the time. There is a difference between happiness and joy. Happiness comes and goes. Joy is always there, even in the storms. Joy does not mean an outer appearance of all smiles but an inner comfort that God is always near!

Another thing that helps me is my fish-shaped necklace with Jesus printed on it. It is a little bolder than a cross, and I have had many people look in curiosity. Some people will even start asking me questions about it and my faith. It helps start the conversation (which I struggle with on my own at times).

Sometimes, the best witness is just telling someone what God has done: how he saved us, how he changed us, how he answered a prayer,  . . . maybe even just praise Him – a lot. The Word of God is powerful, so scripture is always great. Sometimes, people respond even better to hear or see real proof of what God has done in a person’s life.

Witnessing is also about the sower, the Waterer, and the reaper. I heard a wise person say recently that the person who plants that first seed in someone’s heart by giving a testimony or handing them a tract is just as important as the person who can say a prayer with him or her as he or she accepts Christ as Saviour. The person who sprinkles some water on that planted seed is just as essential as the person that reaps the salvation. We all play an important role in carrying the gospel into the world.

I know; this is all probably old to you, right? You have heard it all before? Hey, it is something worth repeating.

I pray that God will make me a bolder and more effective witness for Him! How about you? Why not tell people about the greatest gift that ever existed! 🙂


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