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I was thinking about something the other day, and it was quite a random thought. What would it be like to be Mary? Seriously. Here you are, a young virgin girl engaged to marry this wonderful man, and an angel comes to tell you that you are going to bear the Saviour of the world. Talk about pressure.

I am not being sacrilegious or anything; I am genuinely curious. As a female, I can only imagine the fears and excitement that she must have felt. I can only imagine the questions that might have been in her heart:

How do I care for such an important baby/person?

Is there anything special I need to do that other mommies don’t?

What will other people think of all this?

Why would God chose a poor Jewish girl like me?

How will it feel to be God the Son’s mother?

Will He love me as His mother?

I am so imperfect. What will He think of me?

What will He like? What will be His interests?

Will people be jealous?

Will people believe?

Will this pregnancy be the same as everyone else’s or different?

Then, I  have also thought about some things that I wonder if I will get to ask in heaven one day. They are probably trivial and non-essential ponderings; however, I still wonder:

Did Jesus cry when He was born like other babies?

Did Mary experience birth pains like other moms?

Did she physically feel His radiating power when He was in the womb?

Could she sense that she had God the Son inside of her?

What was He like as a toddler?

Did she have to teach Him to walk, or did He already know how?

Did she have to teach Him to speak, or did He master that on His own?

Did He play with the same types of toys as the other kids?

Did He have to be taught in school, or did He already know all that stuff?

What kinds of things did He teach/preach when He was young (I know if there is the record of when He was 12, it probably happened more times)?

What kinds of father-son conversations did Jesus have with Joseph?

When did Mary truly believe that He was the Messiah?

When Jesus died on the cross, did Mary know He would rise from the grave?

What kinds of friends did Jesus hang around when He was a child, if any?

What kinds of intimate discussions did Jesus have with His disciples that weren’t recorded in His Word?

As you can see, I could go on and on. Most of these questions have answers that aren’t all that relevant or important to our walks, but I am a curiosity-driven person sometimes. Hey, who’s to say we won’t have times that we can talk to our Bible heroes and chat with them about their experiences? I would love to find out from Daniel what the lions’ den was like and from Noah what living on the ark was like. I would adore a chance to talk to Ruth more about her experiences with Boaz and so forth. It would be a great blessing to talk to Peter regarding his literal walk with the Lord and his part in starting the new church.

Who would you want to talk to in heaven? What would you like to ask?


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