RU Corner: Let’s Talk

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. – John 8:32

One of the big parts of the Reformer’s Unanimous program is talking. In fact the motto is talk, talk, talk. Why? Because the devil HATES when we talk about our struggles and our praises. It weakens his hold on us, and we are more likely to move away from his influence.

Think about it. When we bottle things up inside of us, we start to feel heavily burdened. We begin to experience depression and/or frustration, and eventually, we start to feel alone. Even if we know that others have experienced it, holding it in makes us feel isolated. When isolation kicks in, negativity runs ramped.

How many times have you figured it was best not to trouble someone? How many instances have you figured that nobody would understand? Maybe guilt exists, and you feel like people will think that you are a horrible person. All of these doubts and thoughts stem from one place: the devil. He knows once you begin talking, you will realize that others experience this. You may even find solutions to your problem. Then he is done for!

It is good to talk to others that you trust and to be humbly honest. God will use others to guide us and help us along the way. He will shine His light and reveal the truth so that you can not merely recover but become stronger than before!

Remember the key is to talk. Don’t let the devil keep you silent!!


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