Tuesday’s Letters to Heaven – Grandpa

Dear Grandpa K,

You have been blessed with several years with the Lord now, and I bet that you are still having the time of your life. I know that you were probably really excited when grandma came home almost four months ago. I always imagined you waiting at the gate for her.

I came across a picture of you recently with the “silly” green hat you always wore. I loved that hat. Whenever I see a hat like that, it makes me think of you. Sadly, not many people wear those anymore.

When grandma was taken home, I learned so much about you and her that I did not know. It truly warms my heart. I am sure you probably know this, but I am training to go to the mission field as well. I don’t know where God will use me yet, but I am praying over a few things right now.

I start the WalkRight Bible Institute in January. I am excited and nervous at the same time, but I believe my excitement is greater than my nervousness. When I go, they will teach me how to verbalize my beliefs with scripture, they will help me to memorize scriptures (I struggle with memorization), and so much more. I will get to work with the kids at camp and strengthen my soul-winning skills. When I say skills, I mean knowing the scriptures better and learning how to talk to people.

I am not sure how much you get to see from up there, if anything at all, but I am sorry for the mistakes I made. If I had stayed on God’s path, I believe I could be out on the field right now. I know the past is gone, and I praise God for that, so I am looking forward (and up!).

I remember going to the funeral home where your body lay. I stared at you, and I became overwhelmed. I remember fleeing from the room hysterical. A dear friend, Marylou, came after me. She encouraged me, reminding me that you were in heaven. I wasn’t saved yet, but I still felt an unusual comfort. I thought I was okay, but at that time, I had never truly accepted the Lord. I did that after you passed. I was born-again when I was at the age of 16. As you may know, it took a hard lesson to get there.

I can’t wait to see you one day! I hope you don’t mind that I want to give you a big bear hug! Maybe you can find us some of those delicious soft mints that you gave us when grandma told you not to. You were so good at spoiling us in love.

I pray that you and grandma are having the time of your life there, as I am sure you are, and give Jesus a kiss from me, okay? I will see you when the Lord sweeps me up to the sky!


your granddaughter,



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