Tuesday’s Letters to Heaven – Grandpa & Grandma

Dear Grandpa and Grandma C,

As a child, I loved coming to your house. You always knew how to spoil your grandchildren with love. I remember climbing the tree in your backyard, going through the city of Dearborn to see the lights at Christmas time, playing at the park with the big hill, and more. It was never a dull moment.

Grandpa, I feel that I owe you an apology that must be said. When you passed from this world, I was in a terrible place spiritually. I had grown very cold. I barely cried at your funeral. It wasn’t because I didn’t miss you because I did tremendously! I regretted that I did not make it back from Chicago before you left. I had become so separated from the Lord, my heart had a frosted layer over it. It was around that time that I realized that I needed to get my act together. I started to, but sadly I didn’t actually revive my spirit for another year.

I pray that you can forgive me for that gigantic sin in my life. I pray that the impact did not have a negative one on you.

Grandma, I was pretty young when you died. I remember the phone ringing and hearing my dad cry one night. That scared me. My dad never cried. I didn’t understand death back then, nor did I understand why I wouldn’t see you anymore. I remember having a dream several days later, however, where you came back to tell me you were okay. I still do not know if that was a dream or if God let you come back to comfort me.

Grandma, you always had a beautiful smile and a wonderful laugh. I felt all warm inside when I heard it. It was such a blessing to have you as my grandma! I pray that I will see you and grandpa both in heaven one day!


your granddaughter,



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