Today’s Daily Meds: The devil gets in our minds

Today’s Daily Med: The devil will patiently wait until we have allowed him to reside within our minds – the conceded territory – for a period of time so that he may silently construct infrastructure in our thought processes that he will later use to devour us.

A misunderstanding that many of us have is that Satan attacks viciously right away all the time. In reality, he is much too wise for that. Instead, he and his horrid little demons sneak in silently under the radar. While we go about our lives, they quickly begin constructing strongholds within us.

A stronghold is a fortified place, or a place of security, and it can be built within us. Maybe it is a stronghold of depression, or a stronghold of pride, or a stronghold of drug addiction. This stronghold gets created in such a way that once it is completed, Satan lets those demons loose to do their thing. It becomes a fortified place of bondage and struggle that is bigger than you or me.

My pastor talks a lot about the battlefield of the mind and the inner sins. This is where strongholds come from. When we lack in our devotion to God, that leaves Satan room to work. Something has to fill the void, so the devil is more than happy to fill it. We experience this hole within us due to a lack of devotions, a lack of prayer life, and a lack of Christian fellowship. There is no such thing as a godly, passive Christian. One must be assertive and consciously working towards growth.

“When we allow ourselves to keep wrong thoughts on our hearts, we will inevitably surrender precious real estate to the devil, and he will use this to destroy us,” Steve Curington writes in Preparing for Peace: Overcoming Strife through the Peace of the Hid-N-Life. “It is important to realize that the devil may not build anything on the territory we render him right away. Oh no, the Angel of Light is more cunning than that. He knows that if he moves too quickly, he will alarm us to the fact he is constructing strongholds in our lives.”

One way to fight off these strongholds is by memorization of God’s Scriptures. I am sure many of you have heard it said that one should not merely memorize it to the brain but also to the heart. This truth holds high importance! In order to win a battle instigated by the devil, you must have the sword (Word of God) sharpened and ready.

For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.- Hebrews 4:12

Whether people realize it or not, everyone has a stronghold in their life. Some have very mild ones, and some have huge, gigantic ones. Here are some strongholds that one may experience:

  • cigarette addiction
  • caffeine addiction
  • narcotics addiction
  • alcohol addiction
  • OTC/prescription drugs addiction
  • depression and critical thoughts
  • pride
  • computer networking addictions (Facebook, email, Twitter, etc…)
  • pornography addictions
  • social anxieties
  • fiction book addiction
  • food addictions
  • diet pill addictions
  • eating disorders

Basically, anything that becomes a must, can’t-live-without thing in our lives warrants the description “addiction.” What does addiction amount to? It is something that you spend more time with than you should and takes your focus off God.

Not everything on that list is a sin, per say. However, when it becomes an obsessive want, it develops into a sin. Anything that distracts us from God is a sin. I have dealt with plenty of strongholds to realize that.

There is truly only one healthy addiction that the Bible encourages in us:

I beseech you, brethren, (ye know the house of Stephanas, that it is the firstfruits of Achaia, and that they have addicted themselves to the ministry of the saints,) – 1 Corinthians 16:15

It is okay to be addicted to God; in fact, we should be addicted to God! We should be addicted to serving Him and bringing Him praise and honour!

Remember, we cannot be void inside. One of two will consume that void: God or Satan. We need to decide who will we concede the territory to. Will we allow God to reign or will we fall silent and allow the devil access to our minds and hearts?
It’s our choice to make.

Today’s Meds were used by permission of Reformer’s Unanimous International. © 2009 by Boyd Stevens Publications All rights reserved. Permission obtained to use Steve Curington’s Preparing for Peace: Overcoming Strife through the Peace of the Hid-N-Life as a part of this blog by Reformer’s Unanimous International.


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