RU Corner: Principle #5

Principle #5: Small compromises lead to great disasters.

I remember when I was trying to quit smoking, and I thought I was going out of my mind. It had been a couple of days, and my body felt like it was going to completely shut down. I felt agitated and moody; my body trembled and felt weird. I figured it was too much. I decided to “sneak” just one cigarette. What people didn’t know would not hurt them. It was just a little compromise; I wasn’t giving up…..

It wasn’t long after that I was back to a pack a day and felling like a complete failure. I was back to the shortness of breath, stinky clothing, and bad breath. Of course, it wasn’t long before the devil filled my head with enough lies to convince me that it was okay: it was merely a hard thing to do and not everyone was capable of doing it.

The problem is that when we compromise just the “tiniest” bit, it always leads to bigger disasters. This may not have been a disaster compared to some situations, but I have had many experiences that have been far worse! I praise the Lord that He brought me to a place later in my life that I could be freed of those chains.

He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much. – Luke 16:10

I spent thirteen and a half years away from the Lord. Many things happened in that time. One of the problems? I started living a life at the bars. I spent many a nights downing a beer or two or three . . .

At one point, I tried what many try today. I tried to keep one foot in the world and one foot in God’s path. It doesn’t work! I figured if I occasionally read my Bible and said a prayer here and there, I would be okay. It wasn’t harmful to have a “social drink” and even a “social cigarette” at times. Eventually, I was spending almost every weekend at the bar, smoking regularly again, and was involved in worse situations than I had been before.

I reached a point that I began to crash. I grew cold inside. My Bible started to collect a mound of dust. I never even considered praying. I didn’t feel emotions like before; sad situations barely brought a tear in my eye. I reached a new level of loneliness and depression.

Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness? – Romans 6:16

I came to understand the hard truth that in order to gain a life with the Lord again, I had to divorce my old life. I had to completely banish it. God helped me with that when he knew I was ready to serve Him again. He took me to Colorado to visit an old friend who has a strong walk with the Lord. While I was there, I lost my job, lost my financial stability, and lost my desire to live in the life I was living. The great thing was that He gave me a fresh start! He allowed me to go back and write on a brand new slate!

We have to be careful about the steps that we take. What we may consider no big deal can result in a huge disaster! That one little standard that you compromise can lead to a life without the Lord. “Oh, maybe skipping my Bible devotions once in a while won’t really hurt me.” Suddenly, you are never in the Word. It isn’t long after that you haven’t gone to church. Before you know it, your life for the Lord is non-existent because you are too busy living your life the way you want to in the world. Eventually, you reap what you sow. Suddenly, heartache and disaster ruins your life!

I encourage you to watch this short clip by Steve Curington, founder of Reformer’s Unanimous (who went home to be with the Lord a year ago). It will truly bless your walk!


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